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Fund Investing

Fund investing is varied and often extremely confusing world, which is why Starter Finance has their expert financial consultants and stock brokers discuss with you the exact kind of fund investment that you want to make. Just like all types of investments, there are both high risk and low risk fund investments. Even when it comes to fixed fund investments, which can be some of the most stable on the market, there can be a great deal of risk if the brokers or financiers in question get more risky bonds in which to invest your money. With our knowledge of the world of finances, we can teach you all of the details of fund investing, so that you know exactly how and where your money is being invested. Don’t leave your funds to chance, and don’t listen to financial advisers who say that you don’t need to educate yourself on financial matters. Come to Starter Finance for the full truth.

Mutual Fund

Many of the fund investing that goes on takes place under the umbrella of mutual fund investing. Mutual funds are made up of a number of different investors, who can come together to purchase any number of commodities, including bonds, stocks, and much more. These funds are usually maintained by a manager, though some mutual funds, such as index funds, are not actively managed. Some types of mutual funds are index funds, exchange traded funds, which are a type of index fund, equity funds, and fixed income funds.

Equity Fund

An equity fund (also known as an equity income fund or an equity mutual fund) is often known as a variety of mutual fund that avoids other commodities in order to invest more fully in stocks. It is occasionally managed by a person dedicated to the task, though it’s not unheard of for equity fund management to be more passive.

Fixed Fund

Fixed funds are investments into bonds, including government bonds, corporate bonds, and even junk bonds. They are meant to provide a regular monthly payment for the remainder of the life of the shareholder, and can, for some, be a good way to insure that they will be paid a regular stipend in their old age. A fixed mutual fund, though, can be invested in any kind of bonds, from stable, safe government bonds, to high risk, high yield junk bonds. You want to be aware of the danger of higher risk bonds, and avoid them unless you’re willing to take the risk and have the money to do so.

Exchange Traded Fund

Another type of mutual fund and a type of index fund, an ETF, or exchange traded fund, is something like a normal index fund in that it tracks well known indexes. It differs, though, in that shares of it can be sold individually or in groups at any point in the business day, in the same manner that a stock can be traded. This makes ETFs highly attractive investments for many people, particularly the top exchange traded fund. By working with us, you can learn how to choose the best exchange traded fund.

Index Fund

An index fund is a type of mutual fund that invests in the stocks of a particular index. The best index fund is generally recognized as the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Unlike other mutual funds, though, they aren’t actively managed. The idea behind index funds is that it’s unlikely that any given fund manager will end up outdoing the stock market.

With all of these different categories and subcategories of funds, it’s a good idea to work with an expert such as the ones employed at Starter Finance. They can educate you on the best way to inveset your money.